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  • Eligibility *

    For becoming a citizen
    • Permanent residence
    • 3 years in Canada
    • No criminal record

    Citizenship applications

    Just in time

    Becoming a Canadian citizen is the privilege granted to the permanent residents after they live in Canada for a certain time – generally speaking, three years out of four. No need to say how valuable Canadian citizenship is. No wonder that the right for citizenship is strongly protected by Canada.

    Citizenship applications may take years to process – time is required to perform numerous background checks and ensure that only genuine law-abiding applicants become true Canadians. Incomplete applications are always returned, and very often an applicant have to provide a large volume of extra supporting documents (many dozens of pages!) if the citizenship application contains ambiguous, incorrect or conflicting information.

    It is very important to submit the perfect application, or otherwise it will take many months before the applicant is informed that the application is incomplete and must be re-submitted.

    Our job is to prepare the application in compliance with all up-to-date requirements

    It is the only way to avoid wasted months and keep the risk of receiving a "residence questionnaire" to a minimum – this may add many months to the average processing time.

    No inquiries to falsify the status please

    We do not help individuals to create an illusion of their presence in Canada to meet residency obligations for citizenship.
    Such inquiries will not be answered.

    Canadian citizenship is not for sale

    * For reference purposes only