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    What you need to know to hire from abroad

    For most jobs in Canada the employer must apply for and receive a special permit from HRSDC to hire a foreign worker. It is called the labour market impact assessment, or LMIA – the Canada's opinion on how hiring the foreign worker will affect the national labour market.

    Positive opinion means that hiring a foreign worker won't have any negative impact on the labour market in Canada, such as stealing this job from Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

    Candidate must apply for a work permit after the employer receives a positive LMIA

    The candidate from abroad won't have the right to work upon coming to Canada, if he or she does not hold a valid work permit. With the employer's LMIA in hand the candidate must apply for a temporary visa and a work permit.

    Work permit is issued by the Canadian border service officer pending examination, if the officer is satisfied that the job offer is genuine and the candidate is a genuine foreign worker as well. Even candidates from visa-exempt countries must receive work permits to legally work in Canada.

    Intra-company transfers are possible to staff the Canadian branch of an international company

    For Canadian companies with branches or offices outside of Canada it is possible to fill an open position by transferring the employee from the branch abroad. This process allows the candidate to apply for permanent residence in Canada and continue working for the same international company. This is especially useful for transferring employees playing important managerial roles or specialists with proprietary knowledge.

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