Various immigration programs availableTo live, work, study and raise family in Canada

  • How to immigrate to Canada

    General process of becoming a permanent resident of Canada

    There are many immigration programs managed by the federal and provincial governments in Canada. One must meet the requirements of any of these programs to immigrate to Canada successfully. The requirements vary from program to program, but they all have the purpose of allowing only the best candidates to become the permanent residents of Canada.

    The most important factors are proficiency in English and/or French, age, education, occupation and employment potential in Canada. For a family, only one of the spouses must meet most of these requirements.

    How we make it possible is the team of professionals specialized in Canadian immigration and visa matters. Your successful immigration is our job and priority. Our comprehensive services include:

    • Assessing the candidate's personal profile
    • Choosing a suitable immigration program or a step-by-step scenario (such as immigration via studies in Canada)
    • Helping the candidate to understand his or her immigration process and be prepared for it
    • Working with the candidate to prepare the immigration file addressing all principal points
    • Submitting the immigration application according to the current procedures
    • Following up and updating the case as required
    • Providing relevant guidance and assistance on every stage of the immigration process
    • Providing comprehensive support to the newcomers in Canada

    What makes us different among the others

    We at strive to maintain our high reputation by all means, and among our key principles are competence, trust, confidentiality, communication and openness.
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