Get labour market opinion to hire a foreign workerWe'll take care of all the paperwork

  • General eligibility *

    To receive an LMIA
    • 1+ years in business
    • 1+ payroll employees
    • Position advertizing
    • No labour disputes
    • No recent layoffs

    No impact on the labour market. Ok to hire a foreign worker.

    That's what the positive LMIA means

    Being a Canadian means that you have a priority access to the national labour market. No foreign specialist is to be allowed to work in Canada if there's a high risk that he will steal the job from a prospective Canadian employee.

    In most cases Human Resources and Skills Development Canada is responsible for determinig the impact that hiring a foreign worker may have on the labour market. Their verdict is called the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

    Employer makes the first move

    It is the employer's responsibility to apply for an LMIA when hiring a foreign worker is required. The application must contain information and documents to demonstrate, that:

    • There is a job opening
    • Efforts were made to hire a Canadian (citizen of permanent resident) for this job, but to no avail
    • The foreign worker on this job will be paid no less than a Canadian
    • All work conditions be consistent with the standards for this occupation
    • No legal issue prevents to hire a foreign worker

    No need to worry about all this, Lawpoint will do the job

    As with any other application, experience is of an essence. Ours allows us to follow best practices in the industry and achieve good results when applying for an LMIA. We prepare the application and closely follow it throughout the process, keeping the employer updated at all times.

    And as with any other application, we officially represent our clients before the authorities, be it HRSDC or CIC.

    * For reference purposes only