Refusal managementNegative decision is not the end of the story

  • The process

    How to re-apply successfully
    • Retrieve the file
    • Identify reasons
    • Address concerns
    • Prepare application
    • Re-apply

    Refused application may be worth giving another try

    There is no such thing as "final refusal ever"

    Refusal seem to be nothing good, but in fact it can provide very valuable information for re-applying successfully.

    Every refused case contains information about the reasons for making a negative decisions. Not in the so called "refusal letter" sent to the applicant (it's just a boilerplate), but in the file itself. This information can be requested from the processing office and it often gives all clues for re-applying successfully. Requesting a complete application file is the first thing we do to start working on a refused case.

    How and why did the officer came to a negative decision?

    This is the principal question we'll have to find the answer to. With complete application file in hand (processing office notes included) we'll be able to assess the file and understand the concerns that triggered the negative decision in the case. By carefully addressing them we'll be able to build a stonger, more convincing case with higher chances for success.

    Second, third refusal?

    Different officers may see the situation differently. Requirements or circumstance may change and more concerns may arise. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee about the outcome of any application submitted or resubmitted. While in our practice we have had positive decisions after two or even three refusals, it will be totally your decision if you wish to re-apply or not. We will provide all factual information and our vision of your situation to make your decision well-grounded.