Information and application status requestsOfficer's notes, processing stages, interview transcripts, refusal reasons and many more

  • What you'll need

    Few things in a few clicks
    • Basic file info
    • Authorization form
    • Nominal fee

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    The most reliable way of keeping yourself updated

    It's easy, efficient, and 100% legal

    Get the exact answer to the most common question of every applicant: how's my file? CIC call centre won't help much – they're usuallu reluctant in providing detailed information. eCAS electronic system gives only a rough idea of your progress, often outdated.

    But why guess, when you can always see the transcript of your visa file – easily, legally, and in all details?

    Request your file information for a nominal fee, and see things as an immigration officer sees them. Read all the notes, keep yourself updated and prepared.

    Other information can be requested too!

    Almost any kind of information can be requested from Canadian government authorities – copies of documents, border crossing records, medical files, citizenship application files, provincial immigration files, LMIA applications and many more

    Go to to submit a regular visa file request online or contact us for details if you wish to request other information.