Study permit for foreign students in CanadaRequired for any academic program of 6 months and over

  • Steps to receive

    a study permit
    • Find academic program
    • Register for the program
    • Get letter of acceptance
    • Apply for study permit
    • Receive temporary visa
    • Come to Canada
    • Receive study permit

    Canada is open for the foreign students

    Government authorization for studies is required

    Canada welcomes students from all countries to high schools, language courses, colleges and universities. Numerous academic programs in all fields of study are available, from short-term language training to advanced scientific degrees. Canadian education is well known for its best value for the price, since being a true western education it is available at an affordable cost.

    However, foreign candidates must follow the special procedure to be allowed to study in Canada.

    Factors considered when issuing a study permit

    As in any other visa process, many factors are taken into account when a study permit application is being processed. Among those factors are the following:

    • Candidate's motivation for studies
    • Choice of the academic program (which must fit well in the candidate's background)
    • Availability of the chosen program in the candidate's country of residence
    • Ability to pay for tuition and living expenses in Canada
    • Provenance of funds
    • Candidate's ties to the home country and motivation to return

    Studies as a part of the immigration roadmap

    There are several opportunities for a foreign student to immigrate to Canada after the graduation. Certain federal, and also many provincial immigration programs allow the foreign graduates to apply. If immigration to Canada is considered, it must be taken into account when choosing a study program.

    Given that majority of immigration programs today employ strict eligibility criteria, receiving education in Canada with subsequent immigration should be considered very effective and manageable scenario.