Temporary resident visasPermission to come to Canada for a visit, tourism or a business trip

  • Key factors

    considered when issuing a visa
    • Trip funding
    • Reason for a visit
    • Motivation to return

    Tourist visa, guest visa, business visitor visa

    That's how a temporary resident visa is often called

    Canadian temporary resident visa, or TRV for short, is the most demanded type of visa to enter the country. It allows to stay in Canada temporarily, usually for not more than 6 months, with the right to study for 6 months or less but no right to work for a Canadian employer at all. It also does not give any benefits in terms of medical assistance or immigration.

    When tourist visa, visitor visa, guest visa or business visa is mentioned, it all means the same — the temporary resident visa to Canada; depending on particulars of the situation, the application may be motivated by visiting relative or friend, tourism or a business trip.

    It may be very difficult to receive a visa to Canada

    There is no guaranteed way to receive a visa, such as owning real property in Canada or being a close relative of a Canadian citizen. As with any other type of Canadian visas, an application may result in a refusal. The burden lies on the applicant to satisfy the visa officer that a visa should be issued, and in some cases visa applications contain as much as 40 supporting documents and even more.

    Extension of stay

    The authorized period of stay in Canada for a TRV-holder is typically 6 months or less. This period, however, can be extended from within Canada by submitting a separate application.

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