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    Multitude of options to receive a work permit

    Different situations require different approach

    Work permits — official authorizations for foreigners to work in Canada — come in different flavors and can be obtained in several ways. There are regular (LMIA-based) work permits, post-graduate work permits, open work permits, work permits for live-in caregivers and foreign students in Canada. Special government programs may provide for other types of work permits. For all of them there are requirements to be met and procedures to be followed. However, there is one thing to know:

    There is no way for a foreigner to just apply for a work permit and receive it at will.

    Canadian labour market is protected from being taken over by a foreign workforce; as such, requirements are very strict. Unlike other countries, Canada do not issue work permits to foreign workers as they wish.

    Here are few examples of what may be required to receive a work permit:

    • A job offer from the Canadian employer and an LMIA
    • Graduation from an academic institution in Canada
    • A valid work permit or a study permit held by the spouse

    From temporary work to permanent residence

    Successfully employed specialists in Canada are very welcome to apply for immigration and bring their families to the country. Many immigration programs are open for work permit holders, both federal and provincial ones. However, the immigration process may be quite complex, and receiving permanent resident status is not automatic.