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Business plan for Canadian immigration – common mistakes

Why a business plan is important when immigrating to Canada as a businessman, a freelancer or an entrepreneur. What common mistakes people often make when devising a business plan for an immigration program or an owner/operator immigration pathway.

How to immigrate to Canada in 2022?

How people immigrate to Canada? There are several dozens of programs and pathways that allow to become a permanent resident and a citizen of Canada. We briefly describe each and every possible option in this article.

Canadian spousal sponsorship: why hire a lawyer?

Are you planning on filing for spousal sponsorship with the immigration authorities? Hiring a Canadian spousal sponsorship lawyer for help with you application might be a good idea.

Study permit and gap in studies - how to appeal refusal

Foreign students seeking a Canadian study permit may think that getting admitted in an institution of their choice guarantees them a visa. It is, however, relatively common that a study permit may be refused even when the applicant fulfills all academic and admission requirements for an institution. If your visa have been rejected due to a “gap in studies,” then it is solid grounds for filing an appeal with the Federal Court of Canada.

Appealing Canadian visa refusal: lack of travel history

Receiving the notification of visa refusal from the IRCC can be extremely distressing. If the main cause of denial listed in your case notes is “lack of previous travel history,” then the only way to go forward is to appeal to the Canadian Federal Court.

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