Study permit refusal and how to appeal it

A study permit can be refused even if the student satisfies all of the academic and admission requirements for the institution of their choice. One of the most popular reasons for rejection is the student’s financial insufficiency.


Why I need a lawyer to sponsor my spouse/partner

After securing Canadian permanent residency, most people would then try to bring their spouse to come live with them. However, there is a handful of factors that may cause a spousal sponsorship application to be refused by the IRCC.


What Is Express Entry in Canada

The Canadian Express Entry system is an online database used by the Canadian government to manage permanent residence applications. Looking to find out more about the Express Entry Program? This article will explore Express Entry scores, requirements, and the ways of improving your eligibility.


How to Restore Status in Canada as a Permanent Resident

Despite the more-than-lenient requirements for Canadian PR status holders, there are certain times when adhering to these rules is not possible. Find out how you can restore your status in Canada if it comes to disputing an official revocation of your permanent resident status.


Studying in Canada: How to Choose a College in Canada

Choosing to study at a college or university in Canada is an exciting and important step – particularly for international students. Wondering how to select the perfect school for you? Here's a step-by-step guide to figuring it out.


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