Extend Your Stay in Canada

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Temporary visas allow you to stay in Canada for a limited amount of time

Almost all visas issued by the Canadian authorities – except for immigration visas – only allow staying in the country for a limited amount of time. These temporary visas include tourist and transit visas, study permits, and work permits.

This means that if you’re coming into the country as a tourist, student, or worker, you are not allowed to stay indefinitely. Travelers and guests are typically given a maximum stay of half a year, while workers and students are usually allowed to stay for the time specified in their work or study permit.

Apply to extend your stay in Canada

If you’re in Canada on a temporary visa, you can submit an extension of stay application to have the period of your stay prolonged.

Although some situations may allow you to submit your application at a later date, it is generally recommended to apply no less than least 1 month before your visa runs out. Once you submit your application, your existing visa will be deemed valid for the entire duration of the review process even if it runs out.

Staying after your authorized period can have severe consequences

Overstaying your welcome means that you will become an illegal foreign national in Canada. This can have severe consequences and will negatively affect your chances of ever coming back to Canada in the future.

Once your illegal status is found out by the Canadian authorities, you will be issued with a removal order. This, in turn, can ultimately lead to you being deported and denied future entry into the country.

Legal status can be restored even if you overstay

Even if you stay in Canada past your visa’s expiration date, you can apply to have your legal status restored without any precautions. The application you need to submit will depend on your status (e.g., a foreign student, tourist, etc.).

You will have 90 days to apply for a restoration of your temporary resident status. Be sure to read through all requirements provided by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and be prepared to pay all corresponding fees.

Apply for an extension without leaving Canada

One of the popular myths circulating online is that an authorized period of stay can only be extended by leaving and re-entering the country. In most cases, however, it is possible to prolong your stay in Canada without leaving the country.

Extension of stay proceedings may differ

While the process of applying for an extension of stay is similar for most applicants, certain groups will have unique procedures dependent on their particular situation.

For example, international students will have to file Form IMM 5709, while foreign workers will have to re-apply for their permits, provide proof of having complied with certain stay conditions, etc.

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