Immigrating to Canada by starting a business

With the eligibility criteria for Express Entry growing more strict and the Provincial Nominee Programs shifting focus towards candidates with job offers, the past year has seen an increasing demand for alternative means of immigrating to Canada. One of these alternatives is immigrating to Canada by starting a business.

This may be especially interesting to current owners of offline and online businesses, freelance workers, company executives, and working professionals looking to try their hand in starting a business in Canada.

Our company provides applicants with extensive legal support on all stages of the application process:

  • Registering your business with the Canadian government.
  • Drafting the company’s articles of incorporation and bylaws, along with any other paperwork required for the business to operate within the country.
  • Opening a corporate bank account and providing support to new users.
  • Setting up a registered legal address and mailing address needed in order to receive official correspondence from the Canadian government.
  • Tax consulting and helping business owners optimize their tax strategy.
  • Assisting business owners with their personal immigration.

Benefits of starting a business in Canada

  • Canadian-based businesses have more leeway in international trade.
  • Business owners and shareholders are not required to be Canadian citizens or reside in the country permanently.
  • Information about business beneficiaries is confidential and cannot be disclosed to third parties.
  • Startup capital amounts are in no way regulated by the Canadian government.
  • A business can be owned, run, and managed by one and the same person.
  • Canada offers a wide range of programs meant to avoid or lower double taxation for foreign owners of Canadian-based businesses.
  • Owning a business in Canada automatically increases Express Entry points by as much as 200.

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