Successful humanitarian applications

Recent months at our office proved to be particularly rich in Canadian PR applications on humanitarian and compassionate grounds – or H&C. Our team is proud to announce that there were plenty of positive decisions: we would like to congratulate our clients and share three samples of H&C visa applications in hopes that this will help future candidates.

Immigrating as a de facto family member

  • The applicant had lived in the country for over 7 years on a temporary resident visa having been initially invited to come to Canada by their nephew.
  • The applicant has no relatives or dependents outside of Canada – they spent most of their life as a part of their brother’s household abroad and continued caring for the brother’s children as the family gradually immigrated to Canada.
  • The applicant has since lived with their nephew in Canada and continued caring for the nephew’s children and grandchildren.
  • According to immigration laws, the applicant is not considered a close relative of their nephew – they are neither a parent, a child, or part of the “immediate family”. De facto, however, the applicant has become a member of the nephew’s family, having lived with it both before and after relocating to Canada.
  • An H&C application was submitted in December 2018 and was successfully approved after 6 months.

Immigrating as a foreign student

  • The applicant initially came to Canada as a foreign student and finished a two-year course at a local university.
  • After their course, the applicant applied for and successfully received a three-year work permit. They then worked several jobs in Canada, including some NOC Skill Levels C positions.
  • The applicant’s family came to live with them three years ago and has since lived in Canada permanently.
  • The applicant managed to secure a full-time job in Canada. Their employer provided all paperwork required to increase their Express Entry program points. The final score, however, was still not enough to qualify for an Invitation to Apply (ITA).
  • An H&C application was submitted in July 2018 and was successfully approved a year later.

Failed refugee claimant

  • The applicant came to Canada on a guest visa, applied for refugee status, and was denied refugee status.
  • The applicant moved to Canada as a high-school student and graduated from a Canadian high school.
  • After graduating from high school, the applicant has simultaneously worked several odd jobs – as a handyman, an Uber driver, assistant plumber, etc. – and has had a moderate but steady income.
  • The applicant’s family – namely, their parents and two brothers – permanently reside in Afghanistan. They fully rely on the applicant for financial support: deporting the applicant back to a country with 40% unemployment rates would have been a disaster for the family.
  • The applicant volunteered at a Canadian community-run non-profit for several years in a row.
  • An H&C application was submitted in 2016 and was successfully approved in 2019.


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